Monday, September 16, 2013

Robert de Masmines. 54mm.

One more knight. Chevalier de la Toison d'Or. I start painting Knight Pegaso.
Necessary details.

Seams and small burr I cleaned, primed and partially outlined the color of the horse.

In order to "scratch" the horse I have two shades are mixed - basic and lighter hair.

The main color of the hair in the shade.

Light tone of the hairs on the volume. Some schemes hard not to the direction of the hair, but it is better that they are aimed simply and clearly, without distracting the attention, much like in the diagram.

Half of the work on the hairs. As long as there is no glaze and glare.Brush I use the most simple. Half of the pile I shut with duct tape. This will be very good brush. 

I left  the color of the inside coat. I mixed the red for the ornament, while without the darkest and the lightest. I will only use acrylic paint.

And what with the tower at Baghdad thief ?  
The first rug in between times I almost finished.

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